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Little Chefs of California Academy


At PerFit Kidz, we strive to work with childcare centers to build a healthy foundation in early childhood that is fit to last a lifetime. We do this by providing classrooms with hands-on lessons and resources designed to keep kids healthy.

Our signature program, Little Chefs of California Academy, explores food and helps kids develop a love for cooking. Kids learn the basics of kitchen safety, handwashing, and proper food handling.


With the Little Chefs program, Kids Will:

• Learn to love whole foods at a young age

• Learn a habit of cooking at home more often than eating out

• Develop a healthy relationship with wholesome food

• Have healthier bodies and minds because of their early adopted food habits

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We are excited to help your students develop a positive experience with food, and save you time in the classroom! Schedule a free, 30-minute site visit at your childcare center to learn more about how we can fit into your programming!

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