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Perfitkidz, Inc.

About Us

Welcome to our page! We are a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization founded in San Diego, CA. in 2009.

Who We Are

PerFit Kidz, Inc. “Building a Healthy Foundation” is a  501(c) (3) non-profit, veteran-founded organization in San Diego, CA. Our mission is to educate and promote optimal health to reduce childhood obesity.   


Our Story

Lakeysha launched Perfitkidz to combat childhood obesity.  She started her non-profit organization because she saw a desperate need for programs that provided services and resources in underserved areas. Growing up, she recalls being outdoors until the sun went down. Many years later, she witnessed kids playing too many video games, watching TV and engulfed in other electronic devices. In addition to that, many local corner stores and schools failed to provide fresh, wholesome food. She felt that it was her duty to step to the plate and find ways to encourage kids to get outdoors, get active and to eat better. 

Her first step was to create allies in the community to create a greater impact. She established successful partnerships with local schools and early childhood development centers. In doing so, she was able to initiate healthy changes such as cutting down on sugary beverages and vending machine usage, contesting the elimination of physical education classes educating parents at PTA meetings, health fairs and healthy fundraisers. She also created healthy food policies that encouraged teachers to distribute wholesome snacks and non-food items to reward students and celebrate birthdays. Lakeysha has been very successful with the promotion and application of healthy food and beverage policies.  She has worked with influential policymakers to apply these policies in low-income areas, schools, youth sports organizations, and faith-based organizations.